A absolutely new version of ASD 1337 has been release. The new version ( is greeted with few more features, it has all older feature along with new ones the new feature are Format Drives, Stop Windows Firewall, Stop Windows Defender & Sniff Wireless Networks.

These new features would help you a lot for your hacking & penetration testing. We’ve given the help panel for new and old ones commands, by entering the panel you’ll be greeted with a offline & online help file, you can get the help from us too or you can take help yourselves using the help panel.

New feature will easy your Hacking  work. Format Drives, this is use to completely format the disk drive whatever the drives properties are, like FAT32 or NTFS you can use both types. Stop Windows Defender and Firewall, this will stop the Defender & Firewall services for completing your aim in victim’s machine. Sniff Wireless Network, this will help you to sniff the wireless networks in your machine’s range (Note : your system should have a WiFi hardware & it’s driver).  Download Application from below & See Video Tutorial 


 (Click on link & Download from right top corner)

1. Download for 64-Bit 

2. Download for 32-bit

3. Get commands help

Video Demonstration for ASD 1337 (For v1.3.3.7)